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Benefits Administration

Benefits Administration Software
In the past, benefits enrollment and administration duties were carried out mostly on paper. Even in situations where there was some computerization, the role was generally limited to an archival role. This is largely the fault of the software, and the programmers behind it.

We have come a long way. Today's software is created by people with strong knowledge of the needs of the organization and are able to meet those needs. Modern benefits administration systems incorporate every segment of the employee benefits life cycle. But first, you must choose between a software solution that is on the desktop, or web based. We will explore the differences and in the process help you come closer to a decision of which approach is best for you.

Web Based Benefits Administration
One of the most popular methods for handling the functions of administering benefits is the online application service provider model. With this method there is generally less set up costs, less training, and more advanced methods of accomplishing tasks. Because there is no software to install and get running, this eliminates a great portion of the IT department hand holding that goes with a desktop solution. Immediate savings and ease of use are the hallmarks of a web based application solution for managing employee benefits.

For instance, you can have a human resource intranet system that integrates with the benefits administration modules. In fact, with the ASP model you can enjoy the luxury of an almost ready made employee portal where employees can have their insurance benefits questions answered, pick their 401k plans, adjust the amounts that are taken out of their payroll checks, and even choose to enroll in a specific health plan- all automatically!

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